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Fri Mar 22 12:19:01 GMT 2002

NEURON Workshop Announcement

Michael Hines and Ted Carnevale of Yale University will conduct a three 
to five day workshop on NEURON, a computer code that simulates neural 
systems.  The workshop will be held from Monday to Friday, September 
9-13, 2002 at the University of Minnesota Digital Technology Center in 
Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Registration is open to students and 
researchers from academic, government, and commercial organizations. 
Space is limited, and registrations will be accepted on a first-come, 
first-serve basis.

**Topics and Format**

Participants may attend the workshop for three or five days.  The first 
three days cover material necessary for the most common applications in 
neuroscience research and education.  The fourth and fifth days deal 
with advanced topics of users whose projects may require 
problem-specific customizations. Windows and Linux platforms will be used.

Days 1 - 3

"Fundamentals of Using the NEURON Simulation Environment"

The first three days will cover the material that is required for 
informed use of the NEURON simulation environment.  The emphasis will be 
on applying the graphical interface, which enables maximum productivity 
and conceptual control over models while at the same time reducing or 
eliminating the need to write code.  Participants will be building their 
own models from the start of the course.  By the end of the third day 
they will be well prepared to use NEURON on their own to explore a wide 
range of neural phenomena.

Topics will include:
Integration methods
  --accuracy, stability, and computational efficiency
  --fixed order, fixed timestep integration
  --global and local variable order, variable timestep integration
Strategies for increasing computational efficiency.
Using NEURON's graphical interface to
  --construct models of individual neurons with architectures that
     range from the simplest spherical cell to detailed models
     based on quantitative morphometric data (the CellBuilder).
  --construct models that combine neurons with electronic
     instrumentation (i.e. capacitors, resistors, amplifiers,
     current sources and voltage sources) (the Linear Circuit Builder).
  --construct network models that include artificial neurons,
     model cells with anatomical and biophysical properties,
     and hybrid nets with both kinds of cells (the Network Builder).
  --control simulations.
  --display simulation results as functions of time and space.
  --analyze simulation results.
  --analyze the electrotonic properties of neurons.
Adding new biophysical mechanisms.
Uses of the Vector class such as
  --synthesizing custom stimuli
  --analyzing experimental data
  --recording and analyzing simulation results
Managing modeling projects.

Days 4 and 5

"Beyond the GUI"

The fourth and fifth days deal with advanced topics for users whose 
projects may require problem-specific customizations.

Topics will include:
Advanced use of the CellBuilder, Network Builder,
  and Linear Circuit Builder.
When and how to modify model specification, initialization,
  and NEURON's main computational loop.
Exploiting special features of the Network Connection class
  for efficient implementation of use-dependent synaptic
Using NEURON's tools for optimizing models.
Parallelizing computations.
Using new features of the extracellular mechanism for
  --extracellular stimulation and recording
  --implementation of gap junctions and ephaptic interactions
Developing new GUI tools.


For academic or government employees the registration fee is $175 for 
the first three days and $270 for the full five days.  These fees are 
$350 and $540, respectively, for commercial participants. Registration 
forms can be obtained at  www.compneuro.umn.edu/NEURONregistration.html 
or from the workshop coordinator, Kathleen Clinton, at 
clinton at compneuro.umn.edu or (612) 625-8424.


Out-of-town participants may stay at the Radisson Metrodome, 615 Washington
Avenue SE in Minneapolis.  It is within walking distance of the Digital 
Technology Center, located in Walter Library.  Participants are 
responsible for making their own hotel reservations.  When making 
reservations, participants should state that they are attending the 
NEURON Workshop.  A small block of rooms is available until August 16, 
2002.  Reservations can be arranged by contacting Kathleen Clinton at 
clinton at compneuro.umn.edu or (612) 625-8424.

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