[vslist] Bela Julesz passed away on December 31, 2003

Ilona Kovacs ikovacs at cyclops.rutgers.edu
Thu Jan 8 13:25:01 GMT 2004

We are saddened to inform the vision community that Bela Julesz passed
away on December 31,  2003. There was a private memorial service
for family on January 5, 2003.

Bela Julesz was a great mentor to all of us, showing us the way forward
into the multidimensional aspects of visual neuroscience. For so many
problems, he followed the road not taken, and in doing so, has made all
the difference. His unique combination of mathematical precision
combined with deep biological insight always lead to the perfect visual
stimulus, the perfect task, and invariably, an elegant solution. As he
traveled down his pathways, Bela was always in dialogue, often with
others, and often with himself. In doing so, he would gently drive each
of us, and himself, forward to our final destination of understanding
the brain.

Ilona Kovacs     Thomas V. Papathomas     Ralph Mitchell Siegel
                           (Rutgers University)

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