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---------------- SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT ---------------


Location: Sabhal Mor Ostaig, Isle of Skye, Scotland
Dates: 28.5. ’Äì 1.6. 2004
Web: http://www.cn.stir.ac.uk/ecovision-ws

Dear Colleague,

You may have received this mail already. If so please accept our

I would like to draw your attention to the ECOVISION Workshop taking 
place on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, end of May 2004 (for details see 
end of this message). This WS is concerned with the link between 
biologically motivated computer vision and visual neuroscience 
especially of higher visual functions.

This workshop is now open for registration and paper submission at:


Invited participants will receive refund of their costs.

The WS contains 14 keynote lectures as well as 32 shorter talks and one 
poster session. It includes a special session on ’ÄúCoding of Visual 

The complete list of keynote speakers who have agreed to come is:
Y. Aloimonos (Maryland)
K. Boahen (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
J.-O.-Eklundh (KTH Stockholm)
J. Elder (York Univ.)
U. Eysel (Univ. Bochum)
O. Faugeras (INRIA)
D. Fleet (Univ. of Toronto)
L. Florack (Eindhoven Univ. of Technology)
L. v. Gool (ETH Zuerich)
D. Hogg (Univ. of Leeds)
C. v.d. Malsburg (Univ. Bochum & USC)
G. Orban (KU Leuven)
S. Sarkar (Univ. of South Florida)
R. Watt (Stirling Univ.)

The conference site is located on the very scenic Isle of Skye (Real 
Scottish Rain inclusive’Ķ..).

The International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV) has agreed to 
publish a special issue based on a refereed selection of papers from 
this workshop.

We would like to invite you to register for this WS and to submit a

On behalf of the organizing committee.

F. Wˆrgˆtter (Univ. of Stirling, Scotland, UK)


Title of the Workshop: EARLY COGNITIVE VISION
Location: Sabhal Mor Ostaig, Isle of Skye, Scotland
Dates:28.5. ’Äì 1.6. 2004
Web: http://www.cn.stir.ac.uk/ecovision-ws

The WS is organized by the ECOVISON project group consisting of:
G. Bisio (Genova)
P. Hancock (Stirling)
M. v. Hulle (Leuven, Publication Chair)
A. Johnston (London)
N. Krˆºger (Aalborg)
M. Lappe (Muenster)
E. Ros. (Granada)
S. Sabatini (Genova)
F. Wˆrgˆtter (Stirling, Workshop Chair)
M. Mˆºhlenberg (HELLA Hueck KG,Lippstadt)

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