[vslist] The Mouse Visual System: From Photoreceptors to Cortex

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Eighth Annual Vision Research Conference


April 23-24, 2004 * Fort Lauderdale, USA





Call for Posters Deadline: February 6, 2004



Organized by Elsevier / Vision Research this two-day conference prior to the 2004 ARVO Annual Meeting will review some of the most recent advances in mouse visual system function, development and diseases, with special emphasis on molecular, cellular and synaptic events and genetic models.


Session topics and chairs include: 


>>> Photoreceptor function

Fred Rieke, University of Washington, USA 


>>> Synaptic transmission and functional organization

Samuel Wu, Baylor College of Medicine, USA 

Stewart Bloomfield, New York University, USA 


>>> Development of the mouse retina

Connie Cepko, Harvard University, USA 


>>> Retina/RPE transgenic/knockout mouse models

Roderick McInnes, University of Toronto, Canada


>>> Development of mouse Superior Colliculus and LGN

Mike Crair, Baylor College of Medicine, USA 


>>> Development of the mouse visual cortex

Mark Bear, MIT, USA 


>>> Mouse visual psychophysics/VOR 

Glen Prusky, University of Alberta, Canada


For details of session speakers and to submit an abstract for poster presentation visit www.visionresearch-conference.elsevier.com or contact n.woods at elsevier.com




The Eighth Annual Vision Research Conference is organized, sponsored and hosted by Elsevier  / Vision Research and is co-sponsored by ARVO.




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