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The ASSC William James Prize for Contributions to the Study of

Each year one prize will be awarded for an outstanding published
contribution to the empirical or philosophical study of consciousness
by a graduate student or postdoctoral scholar/researcher within 5 years
of receiving a PhD or other advanced degree.

The prize consists of:  a) An award of $1000 (USD),  b) Invitation to
address an ASSC meeting (Travel, accommodation, and registration paid
by ASSC),  c) Lifetime membership in ASSC.

Nominations, including self nominations, should be sent to Phil Merikle,
Chair, ASSC Prize Committee (pmerikle at uwaterloo.ca).  The nomination
letter should include a brief statement as to why the contribution is
outstanding, and for co-authored publications, there should be a statement
describing the nominee's role.  To be considered, the contribution must be
published or accepted for publication.  An electronic copy of the
contribution should be attached to the nomination letter.

Prize Committee:

Ned Block, New York University
Christof Koch, California Institute of Technology.
Phil Merikle, University of Waterloo
Petra Stoerig, Henrich-Heine University Düsseldorf

Deadline for submission of nominations is April 1, 2004

Phil Merikle, Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Waterloo
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Waterloo, Ontario
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