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Wed Mar 24 12:36:01 GMT 2004

****ECVP 2005 LOGO CONTEST!****

The deadline for ECVP 2005 logo designs is quickly approaching! For
those with creative artistic skills… now it’s your opportunity to show
them to the

Detailed instructions and information about the conference follow below:

The conference:
ECVP is the European Conference on Visual Perception, that is, the
largest multi-national conference on visual perception, with over 500
attendees. Held each year since 1977, ECVP attracts a wide variety of
participants from such fields as Psychology, Neuroscience and Cognitive
Science. In 2005, ECVP’s 28th annual meeting will be held in the city of
A Coruña, Spain, (August 22-August 26, 2005). You can find out more
about ECVP at:  http://ecvp.org/

The city:
On the Atlantic coast of Spain, A Coruña is an ancient and historic city
of Celtic origin. The city came under Roman control in the 1st century
BC, and located in the city is the Tower of Hercules, the oldest Roman
lighthouse in the world, and still in use. Several famous Spanish
personages lived in A Coruña, including Picasso, who first trained in
art in A Coruña, and had his very first exhibition there. Today, the
city of A Coruña is an interesting Romanesque collection of streets,
squares and medieval churches. Miradors, or glazed window-balconies, are
characteristic of the houses in A Coruña, granting A Coruña its name of
“Crystal City”. Find more details about A Coruña at

The prize:
The winner of the chosen design will have his/her conference
registration fees waived, and a 200€ prize. The winning logo, together
with the artist’s name, will be used in all official communications
concerning the meeting 9website, program book, etc). 

Submission guidelines:
All design submissions must be under 2 MB in size
Accepted formats are: bmp, tiff, ppt, pdf, jpeg
There is a maximum of 3 submissions per person

Potential logos could include one or more of the following themes:
• Sketches/diagrams of the brain, the eye, or the visual system
• Visual illusions
• Optic art
• Emblematic monuments/buildings of the city of A Coruña (such as the
Tower of Hercules)
• And many more! This is not an exhaustive list!

Please send your designs to Susana Martinez-Conde’s email:
smart at neuralcorrelate.com as soon as possible, and no later than March
31, 2004.

ECVP 2005 Exec committee: Susana Martinez-Conde (Chair), Luis Martinez,
Jose-Manuel Alonso, Steve Macknik, Peter Tse

Susana Martinez-Conde, PhD
Director, Laboratory of Visual Neuroscience
Division of Neurobiology
Barrow Neurological Institute
350 W. Thomas Rd
Phoenix AZ 85013, USA

Phone: +1 (602) 406-3484
Email: smart at neuralcorrelate.com

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