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Ione Fine ifine at usc.edu
Mon Mar 29 08:14:01 GMT 2004



Postdoctoral and Research Assistant positions are available in the new
laboratory of Dr. Ione Fine at the Keck School of Medicine at the University
of Southern California.


There are currently two ongoing research projects at the laboratory: 


The perceptual testing of retinal prostheses 

The position will involve psychophysically testing patients who have been
implanted with epiretinal visual prostheses, in order to measure and model
the perceptual effects of electrical stimulation on the human retina. This
project is a very close collaboration between USC and the company Second
Sight, so it would be very suitable for a candidate who is curious about
life outside academe. 


 Behavioral and neural losses as a function of deprivation. As well as the
well known acuity losses caused by visual deprivation (e.g. amblyopia),
long-term visual deprivation also results in deficits in higher-level visual
processes, such as the processing of configural form, objects, and faces. In
contrast, color and motion processing seem relatively unaffected by long
periods of deprivation. Our goal is to quantitatively segregate the
differential effects of visual deprivation across a wide range of visual
processing abilities using both psychophysics and fMRI. 


Desired skills/background 

Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills

Experience programming (in Matlab or some other language)

Experience in psychophysics

Experience with visual psychophysics and/or functional magnetic resonance

Experience/understanding of image processing techniques. 

Experience/understanding of electrical engineering 


Positions will be for 1-2 years and can be extended. The starting date is
flexible. The Postdoctoral salary will be according to NIH payscale. The
Research assistant salary will be commensurate with experience.


For more information check out the web pages http://www.2-sight.com/ and
http://psy.ucsd.edu/~ifine/  or contact Ione Fine ifine at usc.edu.   To apply,
send cover letter, curriculum vitae, and the email address/phone numbers of
three referees who would be willing to be contacted. 


Ione Fine (Asst. Professor)

Doheny Retina Institute

Keck School of Medicine, USC

1450 San Pablo Street, DEI 3605

Los Angeles, CA, 90033

(858) 945-4793



Fine, I. Wade, A., Boynton, G.M., Brewer, A., May, M., Wandell, B., MacLeod,
D.I.A. The neural and functional effects of long-term visual deprivation on
human cortex. Nature Neuroscience, 6(9) 2003.  

To download, go to ftp://ftp.doheny.org/  Then go to File-> Login as
"fineaccess".  Password is "password". Directory public. fine_nn2003.pdf


Zrenner, E. Will retinal implants restore vision. Science, 295, 2002. 

To download, go to ftp://ftp.doheny.org/  Then go to File-> Login as
"fineaccess".  Password is "password". Directory public.







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