[vslist] Programmer/Web Developer wanted

Dr. Teri Lawton plearn at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 16 22:50:02 GMT 2004

Programmer/Web Developer wanted.

Must know: 1) DirectX on the PC platform, 2) how to read in jpeg images from
C code on both the PC and the Macintosh, 3) event-based programming, and 4)
setting up database analyses on the internet.  Familiarity with Code Warrior
for Compiling the C-code, and developing websites are also desirable.

The software is developed using C-code on both the PC (Windows OS) and
Macintosh environment.  This work will be funded by a grant from NICHD at
NIH to use psychophysical techniques to tune up subsequently higher levels
of processing in the visual system, and at the same time remediate most
reading issues, see website below for more details.

This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to vision research in a
fundamental way, not only learning the mechanisms involved in higher
coginitive processing, but ways to use neurobiology noninvasively to heal
the brain.

If you have the qualifications above and are interested in working on this
project, please contact Dr. Teri Lawton by email (plearn at earthlink.net).
She is setting up interviews at the VSS annual meeting.

Teri Lawton, Ph.D.
Founder, CEO, Chief Scientitst
Perception Dynamics Institute
19937 Valley View Drive
Topanga Canyon, CA 90290
(310) 455-2969

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