[vslist] First Symposium on Applied Perception (ACM SIGGRAPH)

Heinrich H. Buelthoff heinrich.buelthoff at tuebingen.mpg.de
Sat Apr 17 15:10:00 GMT 2004

                        2nd CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
               sponsored by and co-located with ACM SIGGRAPH
          August 7-8, 2004, Wilshire Grand Hotel, Los Angeles, CA
   NOTE: Submissions do not need to be anonymous.
   PAPERS DUE: 11:59 pm, US Pacific Daylight Time Sunday, April 18
   POSTERS DUE: 11:59 pm, US Pacific Daylight Time Sunday, May 16
   FURTHER INFORMATION: apgv04 at cs.umn.edu
   SOME ADVICE: It's a good idea to register at the website well before
   the deadline and submit a preliminary version of your paper (that
   you can replace up until the deadline.) This will allow us to contact
   you to recover information in case of a last minute system problem
   at your end or our end.
   Submission deadlines:
     April 18th:
        full papers (up to 8 pages)
        short papers (up to 4 pages)
     May 16th:
        posters (up to 1 page abstract)
   Research in computer graphics and visualization has great potential
   to benefit from, and contribute to, research in perception. This
   symposium seeks to provide a forum for the wider exchange of ideas
   and information between members of the graphics and visualization
   communities who are using insights from visual/auditory/haptic
   perception to advance the design and guide the evaluation of methods
   for more effective visual/auditory/haptic representation, and members
   of the vision sciences community who are using computer graphics to
   facilitate the investigation of fundamental processes of perception.
   Submissions are invited in the broad range of areas at the
   intersection of computer graphics, visualization and perception.
   Specific examples include, but are not limited to:
       - applications of insights from perception to the development of
   algorithms for more efficient/effective/realistic modeling, rendering
   and/or animation;
       - applications of perception in the design and evaluation of
   methods for more effective representation and communication of data;
       - the study of perception and perceptual issues in virtual
   Submissions are particularly welcome in all areas of basic perception
   research that have applications in computer graphics and
   Proceedings, which will include the poster abstracts, will be
   published by ACM SIGGRAPH. Best papers from the symposium will be
   invited to be extended for a special issue of the ACM Transactions on
   Applied Perception (http://www.acm.org/tap)
   Program co-chairs:
       Heinrich Buelthoff, Max-Planck Institute for Biological
       Holly Rushmeier, Yale University
   Conference co-chairs:
       Victoria Interrante, University of Minnesota
       Ann McNamara, St. Louis University

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