[vslist] Postdoctoral position in systems and computational neuroscience

Mayank R. Mehta Mayank_Mehta at brown.edu
Tue Apr 27 13:28:27 GMT 2004

A postdoctoral position is available in the areas of systems and computational neuroscience. We are investigating the role of cellular and synaptic mechanisms in shaping the activity patterns of ensembles of neurons. Our recent work has focused on understanding the effects of STDP during behavior. Some of the questions we have recently addressed are: Can the precise spike timing required for STDP induction occur during behavior? What is the effect of STDP on the activity of ensembles of hippocampal neurons? 

We use a combination of experimental and computational techniques to address these questions. In particular, we record the activity of a large number (> 100) of neurons from the hippocampus and related structures in freely behaving rodents using tetrodes, and develop analysis techniques and computational models to understand the data. To learn more about our work see:


Ideal candidates would know electrophysiology and computational modeling. Candidates with a strong background in one of these areas will also be considered. 

Please send a CV, name and addresses of three references, and a one page description of your work and research interests by email to:

Mayank_Mehta at Brown.edu


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