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Silvio Sabatini silvio at dibe.unige.it
Wed Jul 7 08:58:01 GMT 2004

Short-term Postgraduate Research Position
Department of Biophysical and Electronic Engineering, University of Genoa

Within the framework of the internationalization of the University of Genoa,
one post-graduate research position is available at the Department of 
and Electronic Engineering, to conduct short-term research on "Neuromorphic
algorithms for visual perception".

The research activity will be conducted at the "Physical Structure of 
Perception and
Computation" (PSPC) lab with the possibility of being integrated in one 
of the
following projects:

1) Joint stereo and motion cortical representation
2) Context-based perceptual categorization of motion events
3) Development of "perceptual machines" and robotic vision systems

Candidates should preferably have a good background in signal 
processing, vision
algorithms and computer programming; previous experience in video 
acquisition systems
will be valuable.

Since for PSPC-lab such activities are framed with long-standing 
research programs,
the collaboration could continue, leading to temporary job positions (2 
years with possible
time extension), or candidacies to PhD (3 years) and post-doc 
fellowships (1 or 2 years).

The grants available from the University of Genoa, are reserved for 
students of foreign
citizenship who are not resident in Italy.
The grants last three months and are paid in monthly installments 
deferred starting from
the beginning of research certified and transmitted by the tutor.
The monthly amount of the grant is EUR1,000.00 and is disbursed for the 
effective duration
of the research.
In addition to the grant, upon arrival in Italy, a payment is scheduled 
of a lump sum
of EUR500.00 for citizens of the European Union and EUR1,500.00 for 
citizens from countries
outside the EU, as reimbursement for travel expenses.

The start date for the research will not be later than 24th Sep 2004.

The application for contest participation must be received by 30th Jul 2004.

Applicants are asked to download the complete grant application 
guidelines and forms from

Any requests for further information on the specific research area 
algorithms for visual perception" can be addressed to

Dr. Silvio P. Sabatini
DIBE - Universitý degli Studi di Genoa
via Opera Pia 11a - 16145 Genova (Italy)
Tel. 010-3532092
Fax: 010-3532289
silvio at dibe.unige.it

Dr. Silvio P. SABATINI   -  PSPC Research Group
DIBE - University of Genova        |  e_mail: silvio at dibe.unige.it
Via Opera Pia, 11A                 |  phone: +39 010 3532092/3532289
I-16145 Genova (ITALY)             |  fax:   +39 010 3532289/3532777
URL: http://pspc.dibe.unige.it/

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