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Manish Singh manish at ruccs.rutgers.edu
Wed Jul 21 12:25:00 GMT 2004

Hi-- Could you please post the following job opening on the Vision  
Science Mailing List?

Thank you.



Position Number: A3960
Salary Range: $63,578 -- $87,821
Rutgers University, Cognitive Science and LVR



Job Description
Reports to faculty and the Associate Directors for Rutgers Center for  
Cognitive Science (RuCCS) and the Laboratory of Vision Research (LVR).  
Responsible for identifying, developing, implementing, upgrading and  
maintaining the computer system facilities.  Responsibilities include  
designing, implementing, debugging and delivering software and hardware  
systems; administering departmental computer systems and networks;  
supervising a scientific programmer; World Wide Web mastering;  
administering connection to campus-wide networking facilities and  
managing departmental databases. 

  Job Requirements
Requires a masters degree or equivalent in mathematics, computer  
science or related field and extensive relevant experience.  Also  
requires excellent analytical skills, thorough knowledge and experience  
with Macintosh and PC based systems, including local area networks, C,  
C++, Java, Matlab, Open GL, video conferencing technology, Linux  
servers and SGI workstations; background in image processing and  
computer graphics; and the ability to manage change, foster improvement  
through innovation, effectively communicate with users, management and  
colleagues, prioritize, manage and perform numerous and diversified  
programming requirements with limited assistance in a demanding,  
fast-paced and multi-tasked environment.  Programming of scientific  
experiments in psychophysics, both visual and auditory, and programming  
of real-time scientific experiments in psychophysics; knowledge of  
MySQL, database, animated stereo visualization techniques, interest in  
visual perception; and experience in neural network simulation and  
program development, design and presentation are preferred.

  Send Resumes To

Email: suecos at ruccs.rutgers.edu.

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