[vslist] good plotting program?

Todd S. Horowitz toddh at search.bwh.harvard.edu
Sun Jul 25 18:56:17 GMT 2004

I like Prism http://www.graphpad.com/. It has a lot of useful 
features, including good model-fitting. It doesn't let you use text 
for symbols, however.

At 5:07 PM -0400 7/25/04, Denis Pelli wrote:
>hi all
>i've finally taken the plunge into mac os x (and love it).
>can anyone recommend a good plotting program, to make graphs?
>i've tried many programs over the years and have always come back to 
>Kaleidagraph, which is osx compatible, but feels somewhat old 
>fashioned. i typically am plotting a modest number of points (less 
>than 100) along with curves (model fits), with log axes.
>Denis Pelli
>Professor of Psychology and Neural Science
>One particular feature that only some programs have (not 
>Kaleidagraph) is to allow use of text in any font as the symbols. 
>This turns out to be a very flexible feature that is convenient in 
>many situations. Deltagraph has it, but I haven't used DeltaGraph 
>since version 4. It now has a new owner and version 5 is available 
>for Windows and Mac, including mac os x.

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