[vslist] Another MacOSX software question

Rosaleen McCarthy rm107 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Jul 26 09:14:15 GMT 2004

I've found the various responses to Denis Peli's enquiry helpful and 
informative. Here's another enquiry that might also be of general 

Does anyone know of simple (and cost-effective) OSX software for 
presenting single and multiple timed displays (range 20 msec - 20 
sec) and recording responses (reaction times and key presses)?

In the days before OSX, I used VScope (Microspsych/Jim Enns) and 
loved it - but VScope only runs on machines that boot in OS9 or lower 
and there is no upgrade planned.

Any thoughts/suggestions? I don't want to change platforms if I can avoid it.

Thanks in anticipation

Roz McCarthy

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