[vslist] Another MacOSX software question

Denis Pelli denis.pelli at nyu.edu
Mon Jul 26 13:43:01 GMT 2004

dear roz

version 1.0 of the Psychtoolbox for Mac OS X is being released now. It 
has some bugs, which are being fixed, but it might be well matched to 
your needs. That software, an extension to MATLAB, has been very 
popular under Mac OS 9, and there has been a large demand for it on Mac 




Denis Pelli
Professor of Psychology and Neural Science

On Jul 26, 2004, at 7:04 AM, Rosaleen McCarthy wrote:

> I've found the various responses to Denis Peli's enquiry helpful and 
> informative. Here's another enquiry that might also be of general 
> interest.
> Does anyone know of simple (and cost-effective) OSX software for 
> presenting single and multiple timed displays (range 20 msec - 20 sec) 
> and recording responses (reaction times and key presses)?
> In the days before OSX, I used VScope (Microspsych/Jim Enns) and loved 
> it - but VScope only runs on machines that boot in OS9 or lower and 
> there is no upgrade planned.
> http://www.interchange.ubc.ca/vsearch/software/whatscope.html
> Any thoughts/suggestions? I don't want to change platforms if I can 
> avoid it.
> Thanks in anticipation
> Roz McCarthy
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