[vslist] advice on a stimulus isolator bipolar/ biphasic output

david.chelva at unsw.edu.au david.chelva at unsw.edu.au
Wed Jul 28 08:22:12 GMT 2004

Dear Subscribers,
Seeking advice on obtaining an external clinical stimulator that may be
used on humans to produce brief bipolar pulses.  
Specifically, we would want to deliver (0-20 mA) through cortical
electrodes for brief epochs of about (40 to 1200 micro seconds) first
positive pulse then immediately followed by a  negative pulse for zero
net charge balance.  I belive devices for this purpose usually come
separately as a programable pulse train generator and a stimulus
isolator, the latter are not always bipolar and safe for human use.  A
recomendation on an isolator type and manufacturer woud be greatly
Dr.David K.Chelvanayagam
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
School of Medical Sciences
University of New South Wales, (2052)
Kensington Campus
Tel: (02) 9385 3815
FAX: (02) 9385 1059
email: david.chelva at UNSW.edu.au
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