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Tue Oct 12 17:29:00 GMT 2004

The Fourth International Conference on Neuroesthetics

Saturday, January 15, 2005, Berkeley Art Museum
University of California, Berkeley
         See and register at       http://plaisir.berkeley.edu


Judy Dater
         Berkeley, California

"From Either Side: Portrait Photography and Emotional Identification"

Ray Dolan
         Professor, Wellcome Dept. Cognitive Neurology
         Institute of Neurology
         London, England

Paul Ekman
         Professor Emeritus of  Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry,
         University of California, San  Francisco

"Recognizing the Subtleties in Facial Expressions"

Vittorio Gallese
         Associate Professor of Human Physiology
         Department of Neuroscience, Physiology Section
         University of Parma, Italy

"Intentional attunement: From mirror neurons to empathy"

Alice O'Toole
         Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences
         The University of Texas at Dallas
         Richardson, Texas

Leonard Pitt
         Writer and Movement Artist
         Berkeley, California

"The Art of Face - a mask, a body, a movement"

Aina Puce
         Professor & Director of Neuroimaging
         Center for Advanced Imaging
         Department of Radiology
         West Virginia University
         Morgantown, West Virginia

"The neuroesthetics of dynamic face perception"

Frans B. M. de Waal
         Professor, Department of Psychology
         Emory University
         Atlanta, Georgia

"Cultural Teachings from the Apes"

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