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                      -- EXTENDED DEADLINE --
      -- Deadline for all submissions: November 26 2004 --

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                      -- CALL FOR PAPERS --

CAMP05 - Computer Architecture for Machine Perception
July 4-6, 2005 - Palermo, Italy

Conference background and goals
  CAMP  2005  is  the  seventh in a series of workshops initiated
  with  CAMP91  in  Paris.  The  CAMP   workshops   represent   a
  continuation  of  the  very  successful  IEEE  CAPAMI (Computer
  Architectures for Pattern Analysis  and  Machine  Intelligence)
  workshops  held  during  the  1970's and 1980's. The purpose of
  CAMP Workshops is to bring together  researchers  who  seek  to
  improve the performance of machine perception systems through a
  combination  of  specialised  hardware  and  software.  It will
  provide a forum  of  discussion  of  new  developments,  latest
  results,  innovations,  emerging technologies and new paradigms
  in design, construction, deployment and evaluation  of  machine
  perception  systems. The past six IEEE CAMP Workshops have been
  very successful in meeting this goal.

Format of the Conference
  The  conference  will   comprise   invited   talks   and   oral
  presentations  and  poster  session.  The  proceedings  of  the
  conference will be published in the form of IEEE Press.

Types of submissions
  Full and  short  papers,  posters/demonstrations,  panels.  All
  submissions are subject to a blind refereeing process.

  Topics  related to  Computer Architecture  are of  interest and
  include best practice, case studies,  strategies and tendencies
  in the following areas:
  . Architectures for  image  understanding,  sound  recognition,
    other senses
  . Smart sensors and sensor fusion
  . Configurable and FPGA-based perception architectures
  . VLSI  architectures  in perception  (including co-design, low
    power etc.)
  . Coprocessors and instruction set architecture extensions
  . Parallel architectures and algorithms for machine perception
  . Real-time  embedded  systems (re-configurable, heterogeneous,
  . Grid computing applied to perception
  . Parallel video/audio servers
  . Neural   network  and   genetic  algorithm   applications  in
  . Rule-based systems, learning and  knowledge-based  perception
  . Languages, software environments and programming tools
  . Architectural performance evaluation
  . Design methodology for perception systems
  . Internet imaging
  . Wearable computers
  . Special purpose architectures: mobile robots, remote sensing,
  . etc.

Invited speakers
  . George DJORGOVSKI, Calteh Astronomy, USA
  . Ebroul IZQUIERDO, Queen Mary, University of London, UK
  . Gianluca Tempesti,  Cellular  Architectures  Research  Group,
    Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Important dates
  . Submission deadline: November 26, 2004 (<=8 pages)
  . Notification to authors: January 12, 2005
  . Final camera-ready submission: February 12, 2005
  . Early registration: February 12, 2005

Conference location
  The conference will be held in Terrasini (Palermo), Italy.

  CAMP05 Secretariat
  CITC - University of Palermo
  Via Archirafi 34
  90123 Palermo
  E-mail: camp05 at math.unipa.it
  Web site: http://www.camp05.unipa.it

Scientific Committee
  Conference Chairman
  Vito Di Gesu', University of Palermo, Italy
  digesu at math.unipa.it

Program Chairman
  Domenico Tegolo, University of Palermo, Italy
  tegolo at math.unipa.it

Steering Committee
  Magdy BAYOUMI, Louisiana University, USA
  Virginio CANTONI, University of Pavia, ITALY
  Vito DI GESU', University of Palermo, ITALY
  Takashi MATSUYAMA, Kyoto University, JAPAN
  Guna SEETHARAMAN, Louisiana University, USA
  Steven TANIMOTO, Washington University, USA
  Charles WEEMS, Massachusetts University, USA
  Bertrand ZAVIDOVIQUE, Paris XI University, FRANCE

Programm Committee
  Edoardo ARDIZZONE, University of Palermo, ITALY
  Luigi CORDELLA, Federico II University, ITALY
  Didier DEMIGNY, Pontoise University, FRANCE
  Jean Pierre DERUTIN, Ferrand University, FRANCE
  Marco FERRETTI, University of Pavia, ITALY
  Gaetano GERARDI, University of Palermo, ITALY
  Concettina GUERRA, University of Padova, ITALY
  Martin HERBORDT, Boston University, USA
  Giuseppe LONGO, Federico II University, ITALY
  Lionel MARTIN, ST-Microelectronics, Rousset, FRANCE
  Alain MERIGOT, Paris XI Univiversity, FRANCE
  Eduardo MONTSENY, University of Barcelona, SPAIN
  Vijaykrishnan NARAYANAN, Pennsylvania State University, USA
  Kannappan PALANIAPPAN, University of Missouri, USA
  Nagarajan RANGANATHAN, Florida Univiversity, USA
  Nalini RATHA, IBM Watson Research Lab, USA

Scientific Secretariat
  Giosue' Lo Bosco, University of Palermo, ITALY
  Cesare Valenti, University of Palermo, ITALY

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