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Ninth Annual Vision Research Conference 



April 29-30, 2005 * Fort Lauderdale, Florida




Call for Posters deadline: February 4, 2005




Edward N. Pugh Jr., USA

Eberhart Zrenner, Germany

Wolfgang Baehr, USA


Organized by Vision Research / Elsevier and co-sponsored by ARVO, this two day conference immediately prior to the 2005 Annual Meeting of ARVO will provide delegates with a comprehensive look at advances in technological developments in neuroimaging and applications for the retina. Session topics include: 


_ Imaging and functional characterization of the living human cone mosaic

_ Two-photon and atomic force microscopy, and cryo-EM tomography for the study of the eye

_ Imaging neuronal communication in the retina

_ Electrophysiology and imaging of cells in the eye

_ Advances in the microscopy of human retina

_ Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT): Technology and applications for neuroimaging

_ Imaging transport through the connecting cilium and along the photoreceptor axoneme


Call for Posters

Abstracts for poster presentations at the conference are invited. Please submit abstracts online at http://www.visionresearch-conference.elsevier.com by February 4, 2005.




The Ninth Annual Vision Research Conference is sponsored and hosted by Elsevier / Vision Research and is co-sponsored by ARVO.


For further details visit: http://www.visionresearch-conference.elsevier.com or contact vr-conference at elsevier.com.

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