[visionlist] Ph.D. Program in Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience

Mark McCourt Mark.Mccourt at ndsu.edu
Wed Jan 19 16:16:04 GMT 2005

The Department of Psychology and the Center for Visual Neuroscience

at North Dakota State University invite applications for admission 

to our doctoral training program in Vision and Cognition. 


Our program is designed to produce graduates with strong research 

skills. Research training is mentorship based, and is offered within 

a highly collegial and collaborative environment. Students admitted 

to the program will receive research and/or teaching assistantships 

up to $18,000 per year, with tuition and fee waivers and conference 

travel support. 


The newly established NDSU Center for Visual Neuroscience, which is 

funded by a 5-year $8.9 million Centers of Biomedical Research 

Excellence grant from the NIH/NCRR, consists of 9 core research faculty 

members as well as scientific and technical support staff. The Center's 

facilities will soon include two 168-channel high-density EEG systems 

and a state-of-the-art driving simulator. An immersive virtual reality 

laboratory as well as PC-based laboratories with advanced eye-tracking 

capability are currently available. These facilities allow investigation 

of topics ranging from low-level vision to high-level attentional and 

cognitive processes.


For more information, please email any of the faculty members listed 

below or visit our website at http://www.ndsu.edu/ndsu/psychology. 

Apply online at http://www.ndsu.edu/gradschool/apply/index.shtml. 


CURRENT FACULTY in the Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience Program:


BARBARA BLAKESLEE (barbara.blakeslee at ndsu.edu
<mailto:barbara.blakeslee at ndsu.nodak.edu> ) vision, brightness 

perception, modeling


MARK BRADY (mark.brady at ndsu.edu <mailto:mark.brady at ndsu.nodak.edu>  )
vision, object recognition, modeling


CHRIS KELLAND FRIESEN (chris.friesen at ndsu.edu
<mailto:chris.friesen at ndsu.nodak.edu> ) visual attention, 

processing of social and directional cues, cognitive neuroscience


ROBERT GORDON (robert.d.gordon at ndsu.edu
<mailto:robert.d.gordon at ndsu.nodak.edu> ) visual attention, object and 

scene perception, cognitive neuroscience


LINDA LANGLEY (linda.langley at ndsu.edu <mailto:linda.langley at ndsu.nodak.edu>
) cognitive aging, visual attention, 

cognitive neuroscience


MARK MCCOURT (mark.mccourt at ndsu.edu <mailto:mark.mccourt at ndsu.nodak.edu> )
visual perception, spatial 

attention, multisensory integration


MARK NAWROT (mark.nawrot at ndsu.edu <mailto:mark.nawrot at ndsu.nodak.edu> )
vision, depth and motion perception, 

eye movements


Two additional faculty members with expertise in high-density 

EEG methods and visual/cognitive neuroscience are currently being 


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