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      Second announcement and call for papers

            IEEE CVPR-WAPCV 2005

         3rd International Workshop on


                June 25, 2005
             San Diego, CA, U.S.A.


  WAPCV 2005 is held in conjunction with CVPR 2005
      supported by EU-IST Cognitive Systems


FULL PAPER SUBMISSION:         February 25, 2005
Notification of acceptance:      March  25, 2005
Final paper submission:          April  20, 2005
Workshop day:                     June  25, 2005


Invited Talk     : Christof Koch
Paper submission : Open


Laurent Itti, University of Southern California, USA
Lucas Paletta, Joanneum Research, Austria
John K. Tsotsos, York University, Canada
Erich Rome, Fraunhofer AIS, Germany
Glyn W. Humphreys, University of Birmingham, UK


Recently, key advances in our psychological, physiological and
computational understanding of the primate visual attention system have
fostered innovative computational architectures for visual scene
understanding. Especially in emerging technological domains that include
video surveillance, miniaturised mobile sensors, and ambient intelligence
systems, attentive processing has proven an efficient strategy for the
real-time analysis of enormous amounts of data. Attentive processing
allows natural and artificial systems to cope with information overload,
by focusing higher-level analysis resources onto a rapidly and coarsely
identified subset of sensory inputs that are most relevant. Attentional
selection is intimately dependent upon being able to use knowledge about
where, when and towards what resources should be directed, orchestrating
the synergy between perception, cognition, and action towards achieving
behavioral goals.

This workshop will provide an interdisciplinary forum to present and
communicate methodologies and concepts from computer vision, cognitive
psychology, robotics, autonomous systems and neuroscience with respect to
theory and applications of visual attention. We expect investigations to
focus on computational models and other artificial embodiments of
attention, to outline relevant objectives for performance comparison, to
document and to investigate promising application domains, and to discuss
the new work in relation to other aspects of cognitive vision.
Contributions wich include an experimental component, for example testing
with human or animal subjects, are encouraged - however, advancing
computational understanding of visual attention, for machine or human
perception, should be the central theme of successful submissions.

TOPICS OF INTEREST include but are not limited to the following:

    Computational architectures of attention
    Attention and control of vision processes
    Attention in object recognition and detection
    Attention and cognitive vision
    Learning for attention
    Information selection and fusion
    Engineering of vision based behaviour
    Perceptual organization
    Biologically motivated visual attention


    Video analysis and surveillance
    Robotic systems
    Mobile computing
    Industrial inspection
    Remote sensing


Hilary Buxton, Univ. Bristol, UK
James J. Clark, McGill Univ., Canada
Gustavo Deco, Univ. Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Bruce A. Draper, Colorado State Univ., USA
Jan-O. Eklundh, KTH, Sweden
Bob Fisher, Univ. Edinburgh, UK
Horst-M. Gross, Ilmenau Technical Univ.
Fred Hamker, Univ. Muenster, Germany
Mary M. Hayhoe, Univ. Rochester, USA
Christof Koch, CalTech, USA
Eileen Kowler, Rutgers Univ., USA
Michael Lindenbaum, Technion, Israel
Baerbel Mertsching, Univ. Paderborn, Germany
Aude Oliva, MIT, USA
Ronald A. Rensink, Univ. British Columbia, Canada
Hezy Yeshurun, Tel-Aviv Univ., Israel


WAPCV 2003 Graz, Austria - http://dib.joanneum.at/wapcv2003
WAPCV 2004 Prague, Czech Republic - http://dib.joanneum.at/wapcv2004


Electronic paper submission is open now!

Dual submission policy: Papers will be considered for review that have
also been submitted to the main CVPR conference. Double submission must
be indicated by authors, and the workshop organizer must be given a copy
of the CVPR reviews. The format of the final paper is IEEE two-column,
and we will perform double-blind reviews. Detailed instructions about the
preparation of the paper are available on the homepage. Contributions to
WAPCV 2005 are expected to count not more than 8 pages in IEEE two-column
(letter) format.


We consider the organization of a poster session to inform about all
related ongoing activities in this field (in case we receive a reasonable
number of high quality contributions).


Accepted contributions will be provided as hand-outs and published on
IEEE DVD, and will be distributed at the workshop site.


* CVPR 2005
  Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

* 'Neurobiology of Attention'
  Editors: Laurent Itti, John Tsotsos, Geraint Rees

* WAPCV 2004 revised selected papers in Springer-Verlag
  Editors: Lucas Paletta, John Tsotsos, Erich Rome, Glyn Humphreys


* Itti Lab, Univ. of Southern California, USA

* EU-IST Cognitive Systems


Lucas Paletta
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
Institute of Digital Image Processing
Wastiangasse 6, A-8010 Graz, Austria
Phone : +43 (316) 876-1769 / Fax: +43 (316) 876-91769
lucas.paletta at joanneum.at / http://dib.joanneum.ac.at/cape

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