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Thu Mar 3 11:58:32 GMT 2005

Job title:	Vision Scientist.
Company:	StereoFocus Technologies Ltd.
Location:	Dublin, Ireland.
Salary:		Up to EUR 45,000 (USD 59,000).
Closing date:	March 31st 2005.

A start-up company specialising in the design, implementation, and
evaluation of stereoscopic 3-D displays seeks a Vision
Scientist with an interest in stereopsis, spatial perception,
accommodation, and convergence.

Responsibilities include the performance of studies into the effects
and after-effects on the human vision system of using stereoscopic 3-D
displays in a variety of applications---including teleoperation,
aircraft flight-decks, simulation, and video games. Certain problems
with stereoscopic 3-D displays have been reported, e.g. visual
discomfort leading to fatigue after reasonably short usage
periods. The studies should lead to a better understanding of how the
parameters of the display (e.g. optical distance, resolution, refresh
rate, and field of view) relate to such problems. Of particular
interest are the effects of accommodation-convergence conflict in the
oculomotor system. Publication of results would be encouraged.

The company comprises experienced academics and software, electronic,
and optical design engineers. The successful candidate should have an
interest in technology and an ability to work well within a team.

Salary is dependent on qualifications, experience, and achievements to
date. Appointment would be for up to 2 years initially, with the
possibility of extension. Support for a work visa could be provided
for those from outside the European Union or European Economic Area.

For further details please contact: Jobs at StereoFocus.com

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