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Martin Usrey wmusrey at ucdavis.edu
Fri Mar 11 21:12:26 GMT 2005

Summer Vision Course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


JUNE 16 - JUNE 29, 2005

This lecture/discussion course will explore the functional organization and
development of the visual system as revealed by the use of a variety of
anatomical, physiological and behavioral methods. It is designed for
graduate students and more advanced researchers who wish to gain a basic
understanding of the biological basis for vision and to share in the
excitement of the latest developments in this field. Topics will include:
phototransduction and neural processing in the retina; thalamocortical
organization and function; functional architecture of striate cortex; cellular
basis of cortical receptive field properties; the anatomy, physiology and
perceptual significance of parallel pathways; functional parcellation of
extrastriate cortex; linking perception and action; the role of patterned
neuronal activity in the development of central visual pathways; and
molecular mechanisms of development and plasticity in the visual system.

Lecturers include: J Neitz, P Sterling, D Dacey, EJ Chichilnisky,
SM Sherman, M Usrey, D Fitzpatrick, T Bonhoeffer, J Hirsch,
M Carandini, J Maunsell, J Reynolds, T Movshon, M Shadlen,
D Angelaki, K. Britten, L Stone, K Gegenfurtner, L Snyder,
R Krauzlis, B. Chapman, T Hensch, M Feller, B Guido, and M Bear

Course Directors:
Marty Usrey, University of California, Davis, CA
Barbara Chapman, University of California, Davis, CA

Application Deadline March 15, 2005
For more information: http://meetings.cshl.edu/courses/c-sfvs05.shtml

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