[visionlist] Three-Dimensional Sensory and Motor Space Conference

Jeroen Smeets J.Smeets at ErasmusMC.nl
Sun Apr 10 12:09:14 GMT 2005

ESF-EMBO Symposia on

Three-Dimensional Sensory and Motor Space:
Probabilistic Mechanisms of Learning and Development in Sensorimotor Systems

Sant Feliu de Guixols (Costa Brava), Spain, 8-13 October 2005
Chair: Daniel Wolpert (University College London, UK)
Vice-Chair: Jeroen Smeets (Erasmus MC, NL)

Over recent years there have been tremendous advances in the fields of development and learning in sensorimotor systems. A key aim of the meeting will be to bring together scientists from diverse areas who do not normally meet, with the aim of providing a cohesive view of sensorimotor learning which can lead to a cross-fertilization of ideas. This meeting will cover neurophysiological, molecular, psychological, neuroimaging and computational approaches to sensorimotor development and learning. One emphasis of the meeting will be to explore an evolving idea in the field; that the statistics of both the motor and sensory apparatus as well as statistics of the outside world determine through probabilistic mechanisms the processes underlying development and learning

Invited speakers will include:  Sophie Deneve, Matthew Diamond, Marc Ernst, Randy Flanagan, Maarten Frens, Shigeru Kitazawa, David Knill, Peter Koenig, Konrdad Köerding, Pascal Mamassian, Stephen Scott, Reza Shadmehr, Julia Trommershauser, Tom Troscianko, Christoph Kayser, Kathy Cullen, Sergio Nascimento, Philip Sabes, Jeroen Smeets, Emo Todorov, Robert Van Beers & Daniel Wolpert

Poster sessions are planned and time will be allotted to short oral contributions.

A certain number of grants - covering the conference fee and possibly part of the travel expenses - will be available upon request

Scientific programme and application form are accessible on-line through http://www.esf.org/conferences/lc05110

Deadline for applications (and for abstract submission) is the 17th of June 2005. For further information, please contact Mrs. Jackie McLelland at the ESF (<mailto:jmclelland at esf.org>jmclelland at esf.org).

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