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Alfredo Petrosino alfredo.petrosino at uniparthenope.it
Fri May 13 16:50:54 GMT 2005

SCIP at WILF2005


Special Session of WILF2005 on "Soft Computing in Image Analysis"


University of Milan, Crema, September 15-17, 2005

Submission Deadline: June 17 2005


Image analysis has been a major topic in many areas of research and
development, in particular, in image processing, computer vision and
pattern recognition. For over four decades, researchers and engineers
have developed numerous methods and systems, many of which have been
successfully used in real-world applications, including satellite image
analysis, biomedical data processing, biometrics, and most recently,
genomic data analysis. In these applications, the majority of the
methods were based on probabilistic paradigms, such as the well-known
Bayesian paradigm rule and evidence-based decision-making systems.
These methods were all originated from the crisp-world philosophy:
regardless of the nature of the problem at hand, for the most part of
the theoretical and practical development in image and pattern analysis,
people have made the crisp assumption and modeled problems in black and
Since from the 60s several major seminal theories have been proposed
which include fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, evolutionary computation,
and neural networks. When combined with the well-established
probabilistic approaches, the new methods will become more effective and
powerful in real-world applications. The capabiblity of these techniques
to incorporate imprecision and incomplete information, and to model very
complex systems makes them a useful tool in many scientific areas.
Needless to say, image analysis is one of these areas.
This special session will cover a range of domains, from more
traditional ones such as image analysis at low, medium and high level,
including pattern recognition and all the topics inherent to computer
vision, all treated by means of soft-computing techniques.
Topics include but are not limited to:
-Soft computing algorithms for denoising and restoration
-Soft computing techniques for pattern recognition
-Soft computing algorithms for digital image processing, coding and
encryption -Soft computing in computer vision -Soft computing algorithms
for video content-based indexing and retrieval -Soft multimedia data
analysis and visualization: texture, color, content, etc. -Applications,
i.e. visual surveillance, face recognition, medical imaging, remote
sensing, etc.


The paper must be submitted by June 17 2005 using the submission
procedure described at
Researchers interested in submitting a paper for this Special Session of
WILF 2005 (http://dsa.uniparthenope.it/wilf2005/) are kindly asked to
send a short confirmation email, including the abstract of the paper, to
wilf2005 at uniparthenope.it, indicating in the subject "SCIP Session".
This will facilitate the upcoming review process.
A selection of papers will be peer reviewed for originality, technical
contents and relevance and will be considered for publication in a
special issue of an international journal about image processing and
computer vision we are planning. The expected publication date is mid of

Isabelle Bloch, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, CNRS,
Dept TSI, France
Alfredo Petrosino, Dept. of Applied Science, University of Naples
"Parthenope", Italy
Andrea Tettamanzi, Dept. Information Tecnologies, University of Milan,

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