[visionlist] Flat-panel screen for MR environment

Alex Wade wade at ski.org
Mon Jun 6 19:53:11 GMT 2005


I am building a display system for a 3T scanner consisting of a 
flat-panel display inside a shielded box. I wonder if people have any 
recommendations for large (40"+) flat-panel displays that are suitable 
for this application? Most likely, we will use an LCD TV rather than a 
computer monitor.

At the moment I'm considering something like the Samsung LT-P468W (46" 
16:9 HDTV Ready LCD TV - 1920 x 1080 Resolution).

Clearly we will need to remove things like the speakers. I would like to 
know if anyone has an idea of the different amounts of additional ferric 
material in these sorts of displays. I don't really want to replace 
large items unless I have to.

Information / recommendations / warnings gladly received..

Many thanks


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