[visionlist] VR goggles and eye tracking

Brendan J. O'Brien Ph.D. b.obrien at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Jun 28 10:33:52 GMT 2005

Hi All:

I was hoping to get input as to whether the idea of trying to track eye 
movements while subjects wear VR goggles is of any use. We're really 
only interested in the saccades and smooth pursuit movements and can 
happily make do with EOG electrodes to extract these data. I have a 
sneaking suspicion, however, that the goggles are likely to be sending 
out HUGE electric fields that will rather destroy any idea of recording 
eye movements. If anyone out there has given this a go, or has any input 
as to which sort of goggles are worthwhile, your ideas would be greatly 
appreciated. The larger the visual field the better...

Best regards,


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