[visionlist] ***ECVP2005 registrants free software contest!!***

Susana Martinez-Conde smart at neuralcorrelate.com
Thu Jul 28 03:25:18 GMT 2005

The European Conference of Visual Perception 2005 (ECVP2005, A Coruna,
Spain, August 22-26, 2005) is happy to announce that, due to a generous
donation from Neurobehavioral Systems, 10 online ECVP2005 registrants will
be eligible to win a FREE 1-YEAR license of Neurobehavioral Systems flagship
software: ***PRESENTATION***

But keep in mind that this special prize is available only to those
registrants of ECVP2005 who register ***online***. Online registration for
the meeting closes on August 15th, 2005, so don’t hesitate further and
register NOW!

All online registrants will automatically be entered into the contest, so
there are no forms to fill out, and if you’ve already registered, you have
nothing more to do! Winners will be announced at the ECVP2005 Business
Meeting on Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
 so don’t miss that meeting!

If for some reason you cannot register online by August 15th, don’t worry,
you can still register onsite at the meeting (but you will not be eligible

See the ECVP2005 website (http://ecvp2005.neuralcorrelate.com) to view this
year’s exciting featured events, including:
The Perception Lecture: by Prof. David Hubel, recipient of the Nobel Prize
for Medicine or Physiology

The world’s First Annual Best Illusion of the Year Contest! YOU will choose
the First, Second and Third Prizes!

World-class Visual Science Symposia Speakers!

Art-historian guided tour of the nearby Santiago de Compostela City and

A Gala Banquet at a local Spanish mansion featuring Galician food, music,
and dancers!

A special art exhibit and installation-sized visual illusion room, hosted by
the A Coruña House of Science (Casa de las Ciencias):

Free admission to local attractions, such as:

The DOMUS (Casa del Hombre)

The House of Science (Casa de las Ciencias)

The House of Fish (a unique world-class aquarium open to the sea: Casa del

The Archaeological and Historical Museum and Castle

In addition to these events and features available to ECVP2005 registrants,
A Coruña is a beautiful and historic beachfront city on the Atlantic coast
of Spain
p=view_page&PAGE_id=16&MMN_position=5:5). August is a great month to visit A
Coruña, with plenty of local festivities and celebrations, so join us at
ECVP2005 and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime event! 

On behalf of ECVP2005's Executive Committee,

Susana Martinez-Conde

Executive Chair, European Conference on Visual Perception 2005

Susana Martinez-Conde, PhD
Director, Laboratory of Visual Neuroscience
Division of Neurobiology
Barrow Neurological Institute
350 W. Thomas Rd
Phoenix AZ 85013, USA

Phone: +1 (602) 406-3484
Fax: +1 (602) 406-4172
Email: smart at neuralcorrelate.com

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