[visionlist] Real World Scene Perception Special Issue

John M. Henderson john at eyelab.psy.msu.edu
Wed Sep 14 21:44:27 GMT 2005

Visual Cognition, 2005, Volume 12, issue 6

Real World Scene Perception
Edited by: John M. Henderson


J.M. Henderson, Introduction to Real-World Scene Perception.

G.A. Rousselet, O.R. Joubert, M. Fabre-Thorpe, How Long to get to the 
"Gist" of Real-world Natural Scenes?

V. Goffaux, C. J.A. Mouraux, A. Oliva, P.G. Schyns, B. Rossion, Diagnostic 
Colors Contribute to the Early Stages of Scene Categorization: Behavioral 
and Neurophysiological Evidence.

L. F.ei-Fei, R. VanRullen, C. Koch, P. Perona, Why does Natural Scene 
Categorization Require Little Attention? Exploring Attentional Requirements 
for Natural and Synthetic Stimulilus.

E. Özgen, P.T. Sowden, P.G. Schyns, C. Daoutis, Top-down Attentional 
Modulation of Spatial Frequency Processing in Scene Perception.

M. McCotter, F. Gosselin, P. Sowden, P. Schyns, The Use of Visual 
Information in Natural Scenes.

R.A. Epstein, The Cortical Basis of Visual Scene Processing.

D.A. Gajewski, J.M. Henderson, Minimal Use of Working Memory in a Scene 
Comparison Task.

A. Hollingworth , Memory for Object Position in Natural Scenes.

M.S. Castelhano, J.M. Henderson, Incidental Visual Memory for Objects in 

M.P. Munger, T. Ryan Owens, J.E. Conway, Are Boundary Extension and 
Representational Momentum Related?

L.C. Loschky, G.W. McConkie, J. Yang, M.E. Miller, The Limits of Visual 
Resolution in Natural Scene Viewing.

L. Itti, Quantifying the Contribution of Low-level Saliency to Human Eye 
Movements in Dynamic Scenes.

E. Walter, P. Dassonville, Semantic Guidance of Attention within Natural 

S. Forti, G.W. Humphreys, D.G. Watson, Eye Movements in Search in Visual 

F.H. Hamker, A Computational Model of Visual Stability and Change Detection 
During Eye Movements in Real World Scenes.

G.L. Dueker, A. Needham, Infants' Object Category Formation and Use: 
Real-world Context Effects on Category Use in Object Processing.

B.C. Hansen, E.A. Essock, Influence of Scale and Orientation on the Visual 
Perception of Natural Scenes.

R. Ni, M.L. Braunstein, G.J. Andersen, Distance Perception from Motion 
Parallax and Ground Contact.

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