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Fri Sep 16 21:54:49 GMT 2005

Journal of Vision

Volume 5, Number 7, Pages 603-658	 doi:10.1167/5.7
http://journalofvision.org/5/7/	 ISSN 1534-7362	 


 <http://journalofvision.org/5/7/1/> 	 Cone signal interactions in
direction-selective neurons in the middle temporal visual area (MT)
Crista L. Barberini
Marlene R. Cohen
Brian A. Wandell
William T. Newsome
 <http://journalofvision.org/5/7/2/> 	 Perceptual consequences of
feature-based attention <http://journalofvision.org/5/7/2/> 
Jianwei Lu
Laurent Itti
 <http://journalofvision.org/5/7/3/> 	 The locus of fixation and the
foveal cone mosaic <http://journalofvision.org/5/7/3/> 
Nicole M. Putnam
Heidi J. Hofer
Nathan Doble
Li Chen
Joseph Carroll
David R. Williams
 <http://journalofvision.org/5/7/4/> 	 Short-term predictive changes
in the dynamics of disparity vergence eye movements
Tara L. Alvarez
Mayur Bhavsar
John L. Semmlow
Michael T. Bergen
Claude Pedrono
 <http://journalofvision.org/5/7/5/> 	 Visual working memory for
briefly presented scenes <http://journalofvision.org/5/7/5/> 
Kristine Liu
Yuhong Jiang

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