[visionlist] Colour Vision Course, 4-5 Nov., London.

Rodriguez-Carmona, Maria M.L.Rodriguez-Carmona at city.ac.uk
Wed Sep 28 15:53:20 GMT 2005

> Dear All,
> We are organising a course / symposium on colour vision. I would be
> grateful if you could bring this to the attention to anyone who would
> be interested in attending.
> Thanks,
> Marisa
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> COLOUR VISION:	Fundamental Studies and Clinical Applications
> 4-5 November 2005
> City University, London.
> The two-day event is aimed at those who wish to understand the
> fundamentals of colour vision and the effects on chromatic sensitivity
> that result from changes in stimulus parameters and / or the
> properties of the eye. Emphasis will be placed on clinical
> applications and the need to evaluate how loss of chromatic
> sensitivity can affect visual performance in some work environments.
> The course includes selected demonstrations on colour measurement and
> specification and laboratory practicals on the most common
> occupational colour vision tests and the latest techniques developed
> to diagnose colour deficiency and to investigate and quantify loss of
> chromatic sensitivity.
> The second day symposium includes talks on the genetics of colour
> vision, modelling of chromatic discrimination, cerebral achromatopsia,
> studies of colour perception in context and fMRI. In addition to
> providing "hands on" experience on the latest colour measurement and
> colour vision assessment techniques, an important aim of the course /
> symposium is to explore how advances in genetics and our understanding
> of chromatic processes can benefit clinical applications. 
> Ophthalmologists, medical and psychology students, optometrists,
> occupational health professionals, artists / painters/ dyers, vision
> scientists, industrial colour measurement & reproduction specialists 
> G B Arden, JL Barbur, S Grant, K Knoblauch, J Moreland, J Neitz, J
> Wolf, R Weale, J Birch, A Hurlbert, N Milburn, K Mullen, S Shevell, M
> Pacheco-Cutillas, G Plant, M Rodriguez-Carmona, FG Rauscher.
> http://www.city.ac.uk/avrc
> If you have any further questions about any aspect of the course,
> please feel free to get in touch with me. 
> Marisa
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