[visionlist] fMRI postdoc conscious 3D vision UTRECHT

Raymond van Ee r.vanee at phys.uu.nl
Thu Nov 10 00:41:06 GMT 2005

We have a postdoc job opening (1 yr, with possible extension to 2 or 
more yrs) on Conscious Depth Perception and Awareness using fMRI, 
available immediately.

At the upcoming NeuroScience Conference (Nov 12-16 Washington) you 
can learn more by visiting our poster (G.J. Brouwer, F. Tong, J. 
Schwarzbach & R. van Ee, entitled "Voluntary control over perceptual 
changes during bistable Structure-from-Motion, revealed by fMRI"), to 
be presented on Monday, Nov.14, 8-9AM (390.17).
Also, other related fMRI work came out today in The Journal of 
NeuroScience: http://www.jneurosci.org/current.shtml (Vol 25: 
10403-13); btw, check out the cover.

The work will be part of a project with the NeuroPhysiology group of 
Dr. van Wezel with whom we examine single cell activity.

Applicants should have hands-on experience and publications in the 
field of fMRI and a PhD in the field of Vision Science (including 
Psychology), Physics, Biology or Neuroscience. Programming the visual 
stimuli is a major part of the work so it is important that the 
applicant has experience in (and finds pleasure in) programming 
computer code (we use OpenGl, Matlab, Mathematica, C). And it is 
important that the applicant understands that real insight in how the 
brain works is not possible without a model of underlying mechanisms. 
In addition, creativity is important. Although we have an inspiring 
team and although we share and discuss our findings, the applicant 
should be able to work independently in programming, creating ideas, 
in running subjects, and in modeling the data. For the imaging 
experiments we require that applicants have hands on experience with 
designing and analyzing such experiments using platforms such as SPM 
and/or BrainVoyager.

The imaging experiments could be carried out at both the F.C. Donders 
Center for Cognitive Neuroimaging and Utrecht University. Our 
laboratory is equipped with a large field projection system, 
eye-tracking devices and state-of-the-art computers. On a daily basis 
you will be working in a group consisting of three full Profs; 2 
tenure track Profs; 2 post-docs and 10 graduate students. There are 
several international collaborations going on. Our group is part of 
the Helmholtz Institute which combines internationally acknowledged 
research groups, concepts and methods in neurophysiology, biophysics, 
psychophysics and psychology. We offer an excellent training in all 
areas of vision science, including perception and action, material 
perception, stereo-motion interaction, and conscious vision. Utrecht 
is a beautiful, vibrant and historic city. It is very close to 
Amsterdam. Salary is competitive (depending on qualifications and 
experiences). The yearly salary is supplemented by an annual holiday 
bonus of 8% and allowance to compensate costs of private 

Applicants are invited to send (preferably by email) their CV, 
publication list, list of notes for University courses, and names of 
2 references to:
r.vanee at phys.uu.nl
or Dr. R. van Ee, Helmholtz Institute, Utrecht University, 
PrincetonPlein 5, 3584 CC Utrecht, The Netherlands
More info:
and also
http://www.phys.uu.nl/~wwwfm for our Helmholtz Institute
http://www.bio.uu.nl/functionalneurobiology for the NeuroPhysiology 
work of Dr. van Wezel
http://www.kun.nl/fcdonders for the Imaging Center

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