[visionlist] geometrically ambiguous images

B.T. Irvine bti20 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Feb 12 12:21:30 GMT 2006

I wonder if you may be able to help me with a brief query. I am a PhD
student in the History and Philosophy of Science Department at Cambridge
University. I have recently become interested in the Necker Cube as it
provides an interesting analogy for certain cases in philosophy. I am
trying to find out two things with respect to the Necker Cube:

(1) are there any geometrical images which are TRIPLY ambiguous in the way
that the Necker Cube is doubly ambiguous, where the transitions between
ambiguities are obvious, regular, and spontaneous (i.e. not dependent upon

(2) is there a name (or names) for the CLASS of geometrically ambiguous
images which includes Necker Cubes as well as some other nameless
geometrically ambiguous forms I have encountered in the past? If there is
such a term for this class, I would be interested in finding it out as I
may be able to mutate it into a philosophical "-ism" which would express
the sort of position I am developing in my thesis.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you might be able to help!

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