[visionlist] geometrically ambiguous images

Laurence Harris harris at yorku.ca
Sun Feb 12 18:48:10 GMT 2006

Dear Ben

> (1) are there any geometrical images which are TRIPLY ambiguous in the
> way that the Necker Cube is doubly ambiguous, where the transitions
> between ambiguities are obvious, regular, and spontaneous (i.e. not
> dependent upon "effort")?

the necker cube is triply ambiguous already... it could be a shape 
in, a shape out or, and this is presumably how most eyes in the world 
see it, a few lines on a page..

in fact most (all?) ambiguous figures have this third interpretation 
(which is of course the only 'correct' one) which is so obvious it 
tends to be overlooked...

Laurence Harris

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