[visionlist] LCD monitors

Gislin Dagnelie gdagnelie at jhmi.edu
Thu Mar 2 20:52:00 GMT 2006

Dear all,

We are looking to port a vision test from an LCD projector format to a
monitor.  This would seem to be opposite to what most people are doing,
but our reasoning is that we are testing at a fairly short distance, and
the projector is simply to bright for our RP subjects.

The question is, what to use instead.  We need at least 15" (37.5 cm)
image height, which can be accomplished with a CRT of at least 25"
diagonal, or an LCD with at least 31" diagonal (due to the 9:16 form
factor).  Large CRTs are heavy and take up more depth, so if we can find
an LCD with suitable light distribution we would prefer to go that

I have been looking at the specs of a Sharp LC-32D5U 32" LCD, which
claims a 170 degree viewing angle, whereas out viewing angles would not
go much beyond 20 degrees in most cases (1 m viewing distance), or
occasionally 40 degrees (50 cm viewing distance).  The 768 pixel
vertical resolution would be acceptable for our purpose.

Any experience with this particular LCD or similar large screen LCDs
for vision test purposes?  Thanks in advance for your help,


Gislin Dagnelie, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
Lions Vision Ctr, Johns Hopkins Univ

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