[visionlist] ECVP 2006 Symposium on Crowding

Denis Pelli denis.pelli at nyu.edu
Sat Mar 4 19:34:55 GMT 2006

Yuri Shelepin, the organizer of the 2006 European Conference on  
Visual Perception, has asked us to organize a symposium on  
"Crowding." We encourage you to submit an abstract to this ECVP  

Including lateral masking, illusory conjunctions, surround  
suppression, and attention

Clutter impairs object perception. Long-range effects of non- 
overlapping distractors can greatly alter the appearance of an object  
and make it unrecognizable. A century of thoughtful empirical work  
has focused on crowding as a peripheral impairment, but this focus  
has now broadened dramatically. Recently, many have realized that the  
difficulties of seeing in a cluttered environment, whether they  
result in reading errors, illusory conjunctions, or surround  
suppression, may share the same underlying cause. These various  
manifestations of crowding may all be due to an inappropriate  
integration of features, hindering identification of the object.

We invite submissions, from any field, exploring crowding or crowding- 
like phenomena to reveal the visual computation that recognizes objects.

Journal of Vision is calling for papers for a special issue on  
"Crowding" (deadline June 1). We encourage you to submit to both the  
symposium and the journal.

To submit an abstract to ECVP2006, please visit http:// 
www.ecvp2006.ru/ . The deadline for abstract submission is March 15.   
It is not necessary to select this symposium as your "Topic  
Preference" during abstract submission ("Crowding" should appear on  
the list soon), but kindly let denis, patrick, or bosco know if your  
submission is related to the symposium so that we can try to include  

Denis Pelli
New York University
denis.pelli at nyu.edu

Patrick Cavanagh
Harvard University
patrick at wjh.harvard.edu

Bosco Tjan
University of Southern California
btjan at usc.edu
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