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Apologies for any cross posting. You are reminded to pre-register for this pre-ARVO satellite meeting to avoid any on-site booking surcharge. 


Tenth Annual Vision Research Conference


April 28-29, 2006 * Fort Lauderdale, Florida


For full program and to register visit: www.visionresearch-conference.elsevier.com



Organized by Vision Research / Elsevier and co-sponsored by ARVO, this two-day conference immediately prior to the 2006 Annual Meeting of ARVO will bring together leading experts in rhodopsin research for a comprehensive and stimulating program designed to provoke in-depth discussions among experimental and theoretical biophysicists, molecular and cellular biologists, and clinician scientists. 


Delegates are advised to pre-register now to avoid the onsite booking surcharge (up to $85) and also to secure accommodation at the Sheraton Yankee Trader Beach Hotel - the conference hotel


Session topics and chairs are detailed below. The full conference program is available at 



Structure and stability of the rhodopsin ground state 

- Chair: Paul Hargrave, University of Florida, USA 


Retinal isomerization and coupling to the apoprotein 

- Chair: Klaus Peter Hofmann, Humboldt University, Germany 


Coupling of R* to transducin, GRK1, and arrestin

- Chair: Kevin Ridge, University of Texas, USA


Rhodopsin and GPCRs: Similarities and differences

- Chair: Heidi Hamm, Vanderbilt University, USA 


Release of the retinal chromophore and rhodopsin regeneration

- Chair: Dan Oprian, Brandeis University, USA 


Cone pigments and evolution of color vision 

- Chair: Gerald Jacobs, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA 


Trafficking of rhodopsin 

- Chair: Dusanka Deretic, University of New Mexico, USA 


Rhodopsin mutations and retina disease 

- Chair: Wolfgang Baehr, University of Utah, USA



You can register and book accommodation now at: http://www.visionresearch-conference.elsevier.com  Delegate should pre-register to avoid the late booking surcharge.




The Tenth Annual Vision Research Conference is sponsored and hosted by Elsevier / Vision Research (http://www.elsevier.com). The meeting is co-sponsored by ARVO (http://www.arvo.org).


Organizers on behalf of the Board of Vision Research: 

- Klaus Peter Hofmann, Humboldt University, Germany 
- Kris Palczewski, Case Western Reserve University, USA 
- Wolfgang Baehr, University of Utah, USA 


For further details visit: http://www.visionresearch-conference.elsevier.com or contact vr-conference at elsevier.com.

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