[visionlist] Post-doctoral position at CNRS-Marseille

Guillaume Masson guillaume.masson at incm.cnrs-mrs.fr
Wed Apr 19 06:10:53 GMT 2006

A Postdoctoral position is available in the lab of Guillaume MASSON  
at INCM/CNRS – Marseille (France). The position is within a  
collaborative project funded by the French National Research Agency  
to investigate the processing of natural visual scenes. The  
collaboration involves three CNRS labs (Y. Frégnac, Paris ; Y.  
Trotter / S. Thorpe, Toulouse and G.S Masson, Marseille). The  
Marseille project is to work on motion processing and tracking eye  
movements (ocular following and smooth pursuit) in humans and/or  
monkeys. The goal is explore what are the best natural statistics for  
either reflexive or voluntary tracking. The work will be under the  
supervision of G. Masson. State-of-the-art techniques for eye  
movements recordings (EyeLinkII, Scleral search coil) are available.  
A doctoral degree in psychology, physics, biology, or computer  
science is prerequisite. Experience in programming visual displays or  
measuring eye movements are of advantage. Salary is according to CNRS  
research scale. The position is open for 18 months, starting  

The members of the team Dynamics of Visual Perception and Action  
(Head: Dr. G. Masson) use theoretical and experimental approaches  
addressed at understanding the dynamics of visual motion processing  
an its relationships with the control of goal-oriented behaviors such  
as pursuit or saccades. The team is highly interdisciplinary, linking  
human psychophysics, human and monkey oculomotor behavior and monkey  
neurophysiology (electrophysiology and optical imaging).

A description of the team can be found at http://www.incm.cnrs-mrs.fr/ 

Please send applications (CV and letters of reference) by email to  
guillaume.masson at incm.cnrs-mrs.fr  Questions can be sent to the same
email address. Appointments can be made for the next VSS meeting.

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