[visionlist] Julesz’s classic in print again! Foundations of Cyclopean Perception

Thomas Papathomas papathom at rci.rutgers.edu
Wed Apr 19 21:42:32 GMT 2006

Dear Colleagues,

     We are happy to announce that MIT Press has just come out with a
reprint of Bela Julesz’s classic Foundations of Cyclopean Perception.
You can now order a copy of this classic book for your personal or
laboratory/institution library. Please visit MIT Press
or your favorite book supplier. The book will also be sold at the
MIT Press booth at the Vision Sciences Society meeting this May.
For more details, please visit Flip Phillips’s web site:

     This book has influenced a generation of vision researchers,
cognitive scientists, and neuroscientists and has inspired artists,
designers, and computer graphics pioneers. Foundations of
Cyclopean Perception has had a profound impact on the vision
research community. It was chosen as one of the one hundred
most influential works in cognitive science in a poll conducted
by the University of Minnesota's Center for Cognitive Sciences.
Many copies are "permanently borrowed" from college libraries;
used copies are sought after online. Now, with this facsimile of
the original 1971 edition, the book is available again to cognitive
scientists, neuroscientists, vision researchers, artists, and designers.

     Here are the comments of J. Anthony Movshon, Professor of
Neural Science and Psychology, New York University:
"Foundations of Cyclopean Perception was one of a small number of
books that defined modern visual science in the period around 1970,
when many of us entered the field. Julesz's view transformed the way
everyone thought about binocular vision. It was a revelation for its
breadth, lucidity, technical virtuosity, and above all for its breathtaking
beauty - a unique combination of art and science. It is wonderful to
have it in print again."

     We are proud to have worked for such a worthwhile project.
Neither of us is reaping any financial benefit from this printing.
All proceeds are going to a fund to endow a scholarship and a
speaker series at Rutgers University in Prof. Julesz’s memory.

Thomas V. Papathomas and Flip Phillips

P.S. The late Bela Julesz, a groundbreaking researcher in the field of
vision for 50 years, died suddenly on December 31, 2003, a few weeks
after he wrote the Preface for this new edition.

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