[visionlist] Posdoctoral Training at the Smith Kettlewell Eye Research Institute

Preeti Verghese preeti at ski.org
Fri Apr 21 22:07:29 GMT 2006

Posdoctoral Training at
The Smith Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
San Francisco, USA

The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute announces three postdoctoral 
fellowships funded by the National Institutes of Health, National 
Research Service Award Program from the National Eye Institute.  
Smith-Kettlewell is a non-profit, independent research institute in San 
Francisco, California dedicated to basic and clinical research in human 
vision and sensory deficits.  The fellowships are open to any field of 
visual neuroscience, oculomotility, sensory rehabilitation and 
translational research represented by the interests of the program 
preceptors.  The fellowships require a doctoral degree and US 
citizenship or permanent residency and are normally awarded for two 
years. Funding for the second year is contingent on renewal of the NRSA 
training grant.

Review of applications will begin in June 2006 for a start date on or 
after September 30, 2006. Details of the program and application 
procedures are to be found at http://www.ski.org/General/Fellowships. If 
you have further questions, please email Dr. Tony Norcia at amn at ski.org.
John Brabyn, Ph.D.
Low vision and rehabilitation, sensory impairment, retina and disorders

Matteo Carandini, Ph.D.
Visual processing in thalamus and cortex

James Coughlan, Ph.D.
Computer vision, including Bayesian and graphical modeling, and 
applications for the blind and visually impaired

Debby Gilden, Ph.D.
Technology and rehabilitation related to blindness, low vision, and 

William Good, M.D.
Pediatric low vision, cortical visual impairment

Russell Hamer, Ph.D.
Computational modeling of vertebrate rod and cone phototransduction

Steve Heinen, Ph.D.
Cortical processing, eye movements, motion processing

Manfred MacKeben, Ph.D.
Low vision research and rehabilitation, visual attention

Suzanne McKee, Ph.D.
Psychophysics of binocular processing, motion processing and amblyopia

Rob McPeek, Ph.D.
Neural control of eye movements and attention

Joel Miller, Ph.D.
Physiology and modeling of extraocular biomechanics and oculomotor control

Anthony Norcia, Ph.D.
Human electrophysiology and  imaging of spatial vision, normal and 
abnormal visual development

Marilyn Schneck, Ph. D.
Psychophysical and electrophysiological studies of visual function in 
aging and disease

Alan Scott, M.D.
Strabismus and amblyopia, eye movements, infant vision

Erich Sutter, Ph.D.
Spatio-temporal properties of visual processing, multifocal 
electrophysiology of visual disorders

Helen Simon, Ph.D.
Hearing impairment, binaural hearing, hearing aids and rehabilitation of 
hearing loss

Christopher Tyler, Ph.D.
Functional MRI studies of stereoscopic vision, long-range interactions, 
symmetry and texture

Preeti Verghese, Ph.D.
Psychophysics and modeling of spatial vision, visual search and eye 

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