[visionlist] REMINDER: Deadline Approaching.....

Michele Schultz michele at cvs.rochester.edu
Tue Apr 25 14:31:52 GMT 2006

>>The registration and abstract submission deadline of 30 April 2006 
>>is quickly approaching.  If you have not already registered or 
>>submitted an abstract, please visit 
>>Engineering the Eye II: Imaging the Retina
>>June 19-21, 2006
>>National University of Ireland, Galway
>>Co-organized by Applied Optics, Department of Experimental Physics, 
>>National University of Ireland, Galway & Center for Visual Science, 
>>University of Rochester
>>This conference will bring together scientists engaged in the 
>>discovery of retinal function, clinical researchers engaged in the 
>>understanding and treatment of retinal disease, and engineers with 
>>expertise in advanced optical techniques in retinal imaging. 
>>Advances in the technology of optical imaging in the eye, such as 
>>optical coherence tomography (OCT), scanning laser ophthalmoscopy, 
>>two-photon and fluorescence imaging, and adaptive optics have 
>>opened up new opportunities to advance our understanding of retinal 
>>function and disease, and allowed new diagnostic techniques to be 
>>By bringing scientists working in these related fields together for 
>>the first time in a concentrated workshop environment, we hope to 
>>stimulate new collaborations and progress, particularly in our 
>>understanding of how new technology might accelerate our scientific 
>>understanding of normal retina and retinal disease. The format of 
>>the conference - 3 plenary papers, 20 invited talks, Evening 
>>Discussion Sessions and a poster session, with plenty of time for 
>>formal and informal discussions - is designed to encourage debate 
>>at the very highest level, and the speakers are all recognised as 
>>leaders in their speciality. We aim to make a real impact on 
>>progress in this field.
>>For more information, visit http://www.cvs.rochester.edu/Ireland/


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