[visionlist] Binocular HMD with embedded Eye Tracker

Silvio Sabatini silvio at dibe.unige.it
Mon May 15 06:22:45 GMT 2006

Dear All,

We are interested in purchasing a system composed of a Stereo Head
Mounted Display and an Eye Tracker + Head Tracker to measure scanpath
data, and head's movements in virtual reality environments.
Seemingly, not many companies offer the possibility of mounting the
binocular eye tracker  inside the HMD, and prototypical solutions are

We are not concerned with extremely high accuracy, but we do want a
reliable system with
(1) easy-to-use software
(2) wide binocular field of view (around 60 deg)
(3) limited weight and confortable wearability
(4) limited price (up to 12,000-15,000$)

Any indications of companies and recommendation of any "affordable"
system will be greatly apreciated.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards
Silvio Sabatini

Dr. Silvio P. SABATINI   -  PSPC Research Group
DIBE - University of Genova        |  e_mail: silvio at dibe.unige.it
Via Opera Pia, 11A                 |  phone: +39 010 3532092/3532289
I-16145 Genova (ITALY)             |  fax:   +39 010 3532289/3532777
URL: http://pspc.dibe.unige.it/

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