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Wed Jul 5 22:02:32 GMT 2006

Sensorimotor processing and goal-directed movement

Research in sensory processing and motor control have traditionally followed parallel but independent paths. Recent work, however, has highlighted the importance of studying both as parts of an integrated sensorimotor system rather than as separate processing modules in the brain. On the one hand, task demands of natural motor behaviors play a critical role in shaping sensory computations. On the other hand, constraints on sensory processing determine optimal motor control strategies. Researchers from both vision and motor control have now begun to apply computational and experimental methods to the interface between perception and action. This is evidenced by a number of international workshops that have recently been organized on this topic and by the over eighty presentations in the last five years devoted to sensorimotor coordination at the Vision Sciences Society conference.

In response to these developments, the Journal of Vision invites papers for a special issue on sensorimotor processing, with special emphasis on how vision in conjunction with other sensory modalities is used to plan and control hand movements. 

Suggested topics for submission include, but are not limited to

	Multi-sensory integration for motor planning
	Feedback control of hand movements
	Applications of statistical decision theory to goal selection and planning
	Sensorimotor learning and adaptation
	Computational models of sensorimotor control
	Neurophysiological mechanisms of sensorimotor control
	Effects of neurological deficits on sensorimotor control

Guest Editors: 

David C. Knill	University of Rochester, USA	knill at cvs.rochester.edu
Laurence T. Maloney	New York University, USA	laurence.maloney at nyu.edu
Julia Trommershäuser	Giessen University, Germany	Julia.Trommershaeuser at psychol.uni-giessen.de

Deadline for submission:	November 1, 2006

Target publication date:	May, 2007

Online call for papers:	http://journalofvision.org/specialissues/

Journal of Vision is an open-access online journal that encourages the use of images, color, movies, hyperlinks, demonstrations, original datasets, and other digital enhancements. To submit a paper to this special issue please follow the Instructions for Authors at http://www.journalofvision.org/info/info_for_authors.aspx.

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