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Sebastian Pannasch pannasch at psy2.psych.tu-dresden.de
Wed Sep 20 14:54:09 GMT 2006

PhD studentship for an EU funded interdisciplinary project on understanding and 
interpreting subjective visual perception (PERCEPT)

Project abstract

PERCEPT pioneers an approach for explicating a person´s subjective interpretation 
of visual material. This will be achieved through the rendering of "Interpretation 
Maps" (IM) -- visualisations of a person´s emotional and attentional states coupled 
with gaze direction and on-line scene analysis. Attention and emotions will be 
measured using neurophysiological (fMRI, NIRS, EEG/ERP, MEG) and behavioural 
methods (eye-tracking, recognition of emotion in speech and facial expression). We 
will introduce new techniques of high temporal resolution (such as eye-fixation-
based methods of EFRP and FIBER) to allow free visual exploration and in order to 
facilitate working with individual subjects. One exemplary problem is the treatment 
of fixations as indices of attention. We resolve this by selectively linking behavioural 
analysis to activities of the dorsal and ventral brain pathways. The ventral pathway is 
hypothesized to drive "attentive fixations" which we consider relevant for IM. 
Moreover, automated on-line analysis of textures and material will allow us to couple 
attention and emotion to objects rather than to isolated spatial locations. We will 
demonstrate PERCEPT´s principles with masterpieces of European art and 
scientific images. We will also begin to explore the application of IM in medicine, 
education, geosciences, human-machine interfaces, industrial design and product 

Position at the Applied Cognitive Research Unit, 
Technische Universität Dresden, Germany


This research will focus on eye tracking experiments with picture inspection tasks, 
studies combining eye movement analyses with neurophysiological methods. 
Candidates are expected to have knowledge of and interest in cognitive 
psychophysiology, perception and psychophysics, as well as basic skills in 
registration of physiological data and statistics. Additionally, experience with 
programming (MATLAB, Delphi) and experimental design are desirable, but not 
Applicants for the position should have a Masters, Diploma or equivalent degree in 
psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, or related areas. 

Applications, including CV and references, should be sent via email to 
liebers at psychomail.tu-dresden.de. The deadline for applications is midnight CEST 
on 20 November 2006, but later applications may be considered.

Duration and salary
The position lasts for three years and is available from 1 March 2007. Applicants 
should ideally be available from this date, though applicants who require a later start 
date may also be considered.

The salary will be based on the German public service BAT IIa /2 payscale (around 
12,000 EUR per annum, the exact amount depending on age and marital status).

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