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Michael Herzog michael.herzog at epfl.ch
Thu Sep 28 10:24:21 GMT 2006

PhD positions within the graduate school "Processes of Human Perception"

Within the recently established graduate school (Pro*Doc) "Processes of 
Human Perception", from October 1st, 2006, a total of nine PhD positions 
in five experimental psychology projects are available at the Swiss 
Universities of Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and the Swiss Federal 
Institute of Technology (SFIT) Lausanne.

The graduate school is funded by the Swiss National Research Council 
within the framework of the Pro*Doc program, a specific feature of which 
is that the members of the graduate school convene regularly for 
discussions with experts internationally leading the research in their 
respective fields.

The specific research projects investigate the following topics: 
"Top-down and bottom-up processes in perceptual learning" (Michael 
Herzog, SFIT Lausanne); "Selection of perceptual dimensions for 
oculomotor control" (Dirk Kerzel, University of Geneva); "Theoretical 
and empirical integration of process- and parameter-based accounts of 
visual perception" (Joseph Krummenacher, University of Fribourg); 
"Perception of faces, bodies, and objects and their format of 
representation" (Fred Mast, University of Lausanne); "Developmental 
Psychophysics" (Friedrich Wilkening, University of Zurich).

Candidates interested in one of the PhD positions should be highly 
motivated, have a degree in psychology or a related discipline and 
excellent methodological skills (experience in the use of statistics 
packages SPSS or MatLab). They are expected to have acquired advanced 
knowledge of and experience in experimental work. Assignments will be 36 
months for all PhD positions.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Joseph 
Krummenacher (spokesman of the graduate school) at 
joseph.krummenacher at unifr.ch or the scientist responsible for the project.

Prof. Michael Herzog, Laboratory of Psychophysics, Brain Mind Institute, 
SFIT Lausanne, 1015 Lausanne, Tel: +41-21-6939646, Email: 
michael.herzog at epfl.ch.

Prof. Dirk Kerzel, Cognitive Psychology, Faculté de Psychologie et des 
Science de l'Education, University of Geneva, 40 bd. du Pont d'Arve, 
1205 Geneva, +41-22-3799132, dirk.kerzel at pse.unige.ch.

Prof. Joseph Krummenacher, Department Psychologie, Cognitive Psychology, 
Université de Fribourg, Rue de Faucigny 2, 1701 Fribourg, +41-26-300 
7490, joseph.krummenacher at unifr.ch.

Prof. Fred Mast, Psychologie, Université de Lausanne, Bâtiment 
Anthropole, 1015 Lausanne, +41-21-692 32 51, fred.mast at unil.ch.

Prof. Friedrich Wilkening, Allgemeine und Entwicklungspsychologie, 
Psychologisches Institut, Universität Zürich, Binzmühlestrasse 14/21, 
8050 Zürich, +41-44-635 74 80, f.wilkening at psychologie.unizh.ch.

Please direct your complete CV together with at least two references, a 
statement motivating your application as well as your current ideas 
about your career to the scientist responsible for the project you are 
interested in.

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