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Post-doctoral position in Houston

A post-doctoral position, supported by the Houston Area Vision Training
Grant from NEI, is available, starting as early as January 1, 2007, for a
period of 1 year.  Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents
with a recent a Ph.D., O.D., M.D. or equivalent.  

The Houston Area Vision Training Grant is held jointly between the
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and The University of
Houston College of Optometry.  The research projects of the participating
faculty cover a wide range of Vision Science, including Visual Neuroscience,
ERG, Visual Development, Visual Optics, Retinal Circuitry, Molecular
Genetics, Glaucoma, Ocular Surface and Anterior Segment.  Together, we form
a wide ranging collaborative group with many common interests and
outstanding research facilities.  Applicants  with expertise in
electrophysiology, imaging or cell and molecular biology are especially
encouraged to apply, but all areas are welcome.

Applications and enquiries, by email, to Dr. Stephen C. Massey
(steve.massey at uth.tmc.edu <mailto:steve.massey at uth.tmc.edu> )  at UT or Dr.
Laura Frishman at UH (lfrishman at uh.edu <mailto:lfrishman at uh.edu> ).
Applicants may also contact the appropriate mentor at either institution.

	University of Texas Program Faculty

	Dr. Louvenia Carter-Dawson		Mechanism of Damage in
	Dr. Steve Daiger				Retinal Degenerative
	Dr. Yas Furuta				Lens Development
	Dr. Ruth Heidelberger			Synaptic Transmission in the
	Dr. Roger Janz				Ribbon Synapses in the
	Dr. William Klein				Transcription
Factors in Retinal Development
	Dr. David Marshak				Retinopetal Axons of
Mammalian Retinas
	Dr. Steve Massey, Research Director	Retinal Circuitry and
Confocal Imaging
	Dr. Steve Mills				Parallel Pathways in the
	Dr. John O'Brien				Electrical Synapses
in the Retina
	Dr. Steve Wang				Retinal Development 
	Dr. Xinping Zhao				Molecular Genetics
of Corneal Dystrophies	

	University of Houston, College of Optometry Program Faculty

	Dr. Raymond Applegate. 			Visual optics and refractive
	Dr. Harold E. Bedell. 			Perceptual Stability and
	Dr. Yuzo M. Chino. 				Plasticity in the
Developing and Mature Visual System
	Dr. Susana Chung. 				Psychophysical study
of normal vision and vision loss
	Dr. Donald Fox. 				Developmental
Biology in Lead-Exposed Animals
	Dr. Stuart Dryer				Channel Development,
Circadian Regulation in Retina
	Dr. Laura Frishman. 			Retinal physiology and the
electroretinogram (ERG).
	Adrian Glasser. 				Mechanism of
Accommodation & Etiology of Presbyopia.
	Dr. Ronald S. Harwerth			Structure Function
Relationships in Glaucoma
	Dr. Heidi Hofer				Color Mechanisms, Adaptive
Optics Imaging of the Retina
	Dr. Ruth E. Manny 				Development of
Normal and Abnormal Vision  
	Dr. Alison McDermott. 			Corneal Cell Biology, Wound
Healing, and Pathology
	Dr. Deborah Otteson 			Regulation of Cell-specific
Gene Expression in Retina
	Dr. Earl L. Smith III 			Factors Affecting Ocular
Growth & Emmetropization
	Dr. Scott B. Stevenson.			Stereoscopic Depth
Perception, Eye Alignment 

Stephen C. Massey, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Morford Professor and Research Director
Ophthalmology and Visual Science
University of Texas Medical School at Houston

Email: steve.massey at uth.tmc.edu <mailto:steve.massey at uth.tmc.edu> 

Laura J. Frishman, Ph.D.
Moores Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
College of Optometry, University of Houston

Email: lfrishman at uh.edu <mailto:lfrishman at uh.edu> 

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