[visionlist] VF-14 Test

Gislin Dagnelie gdagnelie at jhmi.edu
Sat Nov 25 21:54:17 GMT 2006

The VF-14 is a self-report questionnaire developed originally for a
cataract surgery clinical trial, and later applied more widely to ask
subjects with (potential) vision problems to rate their difficulty
inperforming certain activities of daily living.

It was later modified and expanded to create the NEI-VFQ, and has
become the model for many other such questionnaires.

It is considered less than adequate, especially if used for broader low
vision populations.  And it definitely is not a test in the normal
psychometric sense, nor probably in the sense you were expecting.

If you do a Medline or Google search you'll find the questionnaire
itself as well as a series of papers reporting VF-14 outcomes.

Hope this helps,

Gislin Dagnelie, Ph.D.
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>>> Thomas Hofmann <thomashofm at bluewin.ch> 11/21/06 7:25 AM >>>

Dear all

Is there anyone being familiar with a test VF-14? What does this test
Can I see photographs or something? Many thanks for your wonderful help
warm regards


Thomas Hofmann, MSc. 
Arlesheimerstrasse 5
CH-4053 BASEL, Switzerland
+4178 707 1442

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