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Sebastian Pannasch pannasch at psy2.psych.tu-dresden.de
Mon Dec 18 18:11:16 GMT 2006

Dear colleague,

the 14th European Conference on Eye Movements (ECEM) will take place in August 19-23, 
2007 in Potsdam, Germany. 

We are planning to organise a symposium entitled "Eye tracking as a scientific key to the 
future of usability research" within this conference. The symposium is intended to discuss 
and to promote the progress in technological and psychological applications of eye tracking. 
We wish to bring together researchers and practitioners in areas such as eye movements, 
active vision, attention and action, neurocognitive and neuroaffective mechanisms of eye 
movements, oculomotor activity in cognitive and communicative tasks, innovative 
applications of eye-tracking in all domains, such as teleconferencing, adaptive assistance 
systems and other security relevant tasks.

The symposium will be in part sponsored by the EU Network-of-Excellence COGAIN 
(Communication by Gaze Interaction, www.cogain.org) and the EU-NEST- Pathfinder Project 
PERCEPT (Perceptual Consciousness - Explication and Testing, www.nest-percept.eu).

Please inform one of us by e-mail until January 19th, 2007, whether you intend to present 
your research at the symposium, alongside with information about (i) the title of your 
presentation, (ii) the author(s), and (iii) the name and the e-mail address of the speaker of 
the talk.

Our e-mail addresses are:

pannasch at applied-cognition.org (Sebastian Pannasch), 
helmert at applied-cognition.org (Jens R. Helmert) and
velich at applied-cognition.org (Boris M. Velichkovsky).

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