[visionlist] graduate studies at the University of Waterloo

Colin Ellard cellard at watarts.uwaterloo.ca
Mon Dec 18 19:18:52 GMT 2006

The Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo is currently
building a new laboratory for the study of human behaviour in virtual
environments.  The new lab will include state of the art equipment for head
and eye tracking of observers using high resolution HMDs in large physical
settings.  Multiple settings will allow us to study collaborative behaviour
in virtual spaces.  This new laboratory is the beginning of a larger
initiative whose main purpose is both to advance our understanding of human
perception, cognition, and social behaviour using virtual reality
technologies and to explore the impact of such technologies on modern life.
The first phase of the laboratory will be completed in 2007 and we have
positions (and funding) for several graduate students.  Interested students
can contact Colin Ellard (cellard at watarts.uwaterloo.ca) for further details.
The application deadline for graduate studies in psychology in our
department is January 15, 2007, and application materials may be found at


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