[visionlist] update on CRT's

Andrew Watson andrew.b.watson at nasa.gov
Fri Jan 19 17:57:47 GMT 2007


For a general answer, you might look at:

Window of visibility: Psychophysical theory of fidelity in 
time-sampled visual motion displays (1986)
Andrew B. Watson , Albert J. Ahumada Jr. & Farrell, J., Journal of 
the Optical Society of America A, 3(3), 300-307.

At 3:18 PM -0200 1/19/07, Sergio Navega wrote:
>Sorry if my question is naive, but what are the uses for a
>monitor with more than 80 Hz frame rate? Surely it cannot be
>something related to human visual perception, which is why
>I'm curious.
>Sergio Navega
>Intelliwise AI Research


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